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Quickstart SSH

Quickstart with SSH

Make sure you have installed DevPod on your system.

Add a Provider

Add a provider via 'Providers' > '+ Add'. Select a provider and select 'Continue'.

DevPod Flow
Select Provider

After selecting a provider, fill out the options (if necessary) and click on 'Add Provider'

DevPod Flow
Add Provider

Start a Workspace with SSH

Navigate to 'Workspaces' > '+ Create'. Enter your project url or choose one of the quickstart examples.

DevPod Flow
Create Workspace

Make sure to select 'None' under 'Default IDE'

DevPod Flow
Select IDE

Then press 'Create Workspace'.

DevPod Flow
Create Workspace

A new window appears showing DevPod starting the workspace. After the workspace was created, you can connect to the workspace via ssh:


Using environment variables in your .devcontainer.json

If you want to use env variables e.g. for dynamic control over container image version please follow this instruction: Environment variables in devcontainer.json