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Install DevPod

In order to get started with DevPod, you can choose between the DevPod Desktop application and DevPod CLI.

Install DevPod

Download DevPod Desktop:

Make sure to download the correct binary for your operating system. For Fedora, please install the following prerequisites:

sudo dnf install gtk3-immodules libappindicator-gtk3 libdeflate webkit2gtk3 libwmf

Previous Releases

For previous releases, please take a look at the Github releases page

Optional: Install DevPod CLI

DevPod CLI can be very useful to control DevPod from a terminal. Select one of the installation methods below. You can also install it later from within the Desktop App.

curl -L -o devpod "" && sudo install -c -m 0755 devpod /usr/local/bin && rm -f devpod