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Install DevPod

In order to get started with DevPod, you can choose between the DevPod Desktop application and DevPod CLI.

Install DevPod

Download DevPod Desktop:

Previous Releases

For previous releases, please take a look at the Github releases page

Linux Packages

The official package is the Appimage, it has been tested working on:

  • Debian 12 and newer
  • Ubuntu 22.04 and newer
  • Fedora 32 and newer
  • Centos 9stream and newer
  • RHEL/Alma Linux/Rocky Linux 9 and newer
  • Opensuse Leap 15.3 and newer
  • Opensuse Tumbleweed
  • Archlinux

Make sure you have the following dependencies installed for the Appimage to work (usually already installed in desktop distributions):

  • glibc version 2.30+
  • fuse2, fuse2 libraries, libopengl, libfribidi, libegl, libxgl
    • sudo apt-get install fuse libfuse2 libopengl0 libfribidi0
    • sudo dnf install fuse fuse-libs libglvnd-egl libglvnd-opengl libglvnd-glx harfbuzz fontconfig fribidi libthai
    • sudo zypper in fuse libfuse2 libharfbuzz0 libfribidi0 libthai0

Note that these are generally needed for AppImage to work, they are not specific to DevPod

Linux Custom Packages

Since we're not providing deb or rpm packages anymore, we're now providing a tar.gz that can be used as source for your custom package.

Keep in mind the following dependencies need to be declared in the package for the correct functioning of the program:

  • libappindicator3-1
  • libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0
  • libbsd0
  • libxdmcp6
  • libwmf-0.2-7
  • libwmf-0.2-7-gtk
  • libgtk-3-0
  • libwmf-dev
  • libwebkit2gtk-4.0-37
  • librust-openssl-sys-dev
  • librust-glib-sys-dev

Optional: Install DevPod CLI

DevPod CLI can be very useful to control DevPod from a terminal. Select one of the installation methods below. You can also install it later from within the Desktop App.

curl -L -o devpod "" && sudo install -c -m 0755 devpod /usr/local/bin && rm -f devpod