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Stop a Workspace

Stop a Workspace

Stopping a workspace means to temporarily pause a container so that it doesn't consume any more computing resources such as CPU or memory. Depending on the provider used, this either means to stop a container (see docker stop for more information) or shutdown the underlying VM where the container is running. DevPod will automatically determine what specific action to take when a workspace is stopped.

Via DevPod Desktop Application

In the 'Workspaces' view, click on the 'More Options' button and then on 'Stop'. This will stop the workspace. Afterwards, you can resume the workspace by pressing the 'Open' button.

Via DevPod CLI

Run the following command to stop a workspace:

devpod stop my-workspace

Afterwards, you can start the workspace via:

devpod up my-workspace

Automatic stopping via a Provider

Some providers allow automatic stop of a workspace, usually to save costs when a workspace is not used. For example, the Google Cloud provider will shutdown the virtual machine where the workspace is running after it's unused for 10 minutes, by default. This means you need to start the workspace after it has been stopped when you want to reconnect.